First European Indoor Rowing Championships in Czech Republic

Dear lovers of the indoor rowing,

welcome to Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We are pleased to host the 2020 European Indoor Rowing Championships. It will be the first international indoor rowing event taking place in Czech Republic. We will do our best to prepare an outstanding experience for all rowers, spectators and volunteers. The competition will be held at the Královka Hall, a World-class basketball facility used mainly by the top European women’s basketball team USK Praha.

Czech indoor rowing records successful history with some amazing achievements. Jakub Podrazil won the first World Indoor Rowing Championships in Alexandria 2018. This two times Olympic participant owns the European Indoor Rowing title from Györ 2016 as well. Spectators can surely look forward to see him in Královka Hall on the 11th January 2020. Jakub will try to win the next European title and improve the Czech 2000m record which is currently held by the best Czech rower Ondřej Synek. Looking at the start list, there is another remarkable name to be mentioned. It is Václav Zitta, the Czech Indoor rowing “devil” who has already won three silver medals in different distances at the European Indoor Rowing Championships. He also took part in the first World Urban Games in Budapest this September.

The biggest star among Czech women will be the reigning World U23 Indoor Rowing Champion Marie Natalie Jurková. She earned the silver medal in the open category at the last European Indoor Rowing Championships in Copenhagen.

Besides the best Czech Indoor rowers we are expecting many great athletes from all over Europe. We will soon inform you about the attractive competitors who will be coming to Prague.

Sincerely we are looking forward to all competitors and spectators who will visit the European Indoor Rowing Championships 2020 in Prague!

2020 European Rowing Indoor Championships Organising Committee