Participation: All European member National Federations plus Israel are eligible.

Eligibility: An athlete must present a valid passport from country for which he/she wishes to compete (as per FISA rules).

International competitors, regardless of whether they are members of a club or association affiliated with a national rowing federation that is a member federation of ERC, shall be responsible for their own adequate medical and accident insurance, as well as insurance covering liability, property and equipment.

The Czech Republic is a part of the European Union (EU) and belongs to the Schengen Area. Many countries enjoy visa-free entry to the Czech Republic. However, citizens from some non-EU countries are required to have a valid visa when travelling to the Shengen Area. If a visa is required, be sure to apply at least a month before your visit. More information on entrance to the Czech Republic can be found on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic website.

In you need a Letter of Invitation you can contact the Secretary General of the Czech Rowing Association Mr. Josef Johánek –